The Authentic Fake


Hyper-reality is the inability to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. In hyper-reality, real and fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. Italian author Umberto Eco defines this condition as “the authentic fake”.

Hyper-reality is born whenever we generate a world, either completely made up or copied from pre-existing models, which, being more real than reality itself, ends up being too perfect, schematic and cold to be true. While such a world could be difficult to connect with, yet it undoubtedly originates a new, unique aesthetic which features copies with no originals, images without resemblance, truths in their own rights.

This body of work investigates this derived representation. All the images created are existing objects photographed and then post-produced to look like 3D computer graphics. They are grouped into 3 sections according to the main phases of 3D modeling: modeling, texturing and final rendering. The intention is to challenge individuals to question the images that surround them, revealing hyper-real images not as role models but rather as images that don’t necessarily represent real physical objects.