Artist statement

Curiosity for science is the driving force behind my work. In the twenty-first century, science has been increasingly altering our world. Its modes of reasoning have come to shape the way mankind senses itself and its existence.

Modern science involves first and foremost a way of thinking. It’s founded upon a new way of understanding the world and feeding it to the human mind in a form that it can comprehend. The moral challenge of modern science lies therefore not in its technology, but rather in the attitudes and assumptions it creates, which unavoidably influence the way humanity thinks and acts.

My work explores this tension: it focuses on the way human beings are affected by science, on how society changes following new discoveries and on the ethical questions raised by scientific breakthroughs. My goal is generating knowledge through the visual representation of these questions (both in photos and videos) adapting my style according to the message I want to convey. The goal of my work isn’t to provide answers, but rather to instigate questions through continuous conversations with the society in which we live.